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On My Honor


On my honor, I will try. There's a duty to be done and I say aye. There's a reason to be here for a reason above. My honor is to try and my duty is to love.

People don't need to know my name. If I've done any harm, then I'm to blame. If I've helped someone, then I've helped me. And I've opened up my eyes to see.

----------------- 不同的段落:

I've tucked away a song or two. If you're feeling low, there's one for you. If you need a friend, then I will come. And there's many mmore where I come from.

Friendship is the strangest thing if you keep it to yourself, no reward will bring but you gave it away, you gave it to me and from now on great friends we'll be

Come with me where the fire burns bright, We can even see better by the candle's light. And we'll find moremeaning in a campfire's glod, Than we've ever found in a year or so.

We've a promise to always keep. And to pray "Softley Falls" before we sleep. We are Girl Scouts together and when we're gone, We'll still be trying and singing this song.

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