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I Met a Bear

這首營火很適合,是 Repeat after me (帶領著唱一句,伙伴們一起重複) 歌,適合帶動氣氛。

版本1歌詞 版本1 (美加普遍唱法)

The other day, I met a bear,

A great big bear, Oh way out there.

He looked at me, I looked at him,

He sized up me, I sized up him.

He said to me, "Why don't you run?

I see you don’t, have any gun."

And so I ran, Away from there,

But right behind, me, was that bear.

Ahead of me, I saw a tree,

A great big tree, Oh glory be! (oh goly gee) 版本2 (和日文的歌詞詞義一樣)

The lowest branch, Was ten feet up,

So I had to jump, And trust my luck.

And so I jumped, Into the air,

And missed that branch, A way up there.

Now don't you fret, And don't you frown,

I Caught that branch, On the way back down!

That’s all there is, there’s no more

until I meet that bear Once more,

That’s all there is, There's no more,

Until I meet that bear once more.

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