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(source: "Jubilee Songbook", Girl Guides of Canada, 1971.) (to be sung in a 3-part round)

第一首:Mr. Moon

Mister Moon, Mister Moon you're out too soon,

The sun is still in the sky.

Go back to bed your bed and cover up your head

And wait 'till the day goes by.

(*and wait ’til the night draws nigh)



'Twas on a summer's evening,

I walked the forest through

When suddenly I heard it,

A sweet and low cuckoo


From out the battered elm tree,

The owl cries out, “Whoooo’s there?”

And from the distant forest,

The cuckoo answers clear.)

第三首:Cuckoo副歌 Cuckoo, cuckoo,

Cuckoo, cuckoo cuckoo

Cuckoo, cuckoo,

Cuckoo, cuckoo cuckoo

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