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In My Dream I'm Going Back to Gilwell


第一個影片從 42秒開始,這是輕快版 第二個影片是慢歌版

In my dreams I'm going back to Gilwell, To the joys and the happiness I found On those grand week-ends With my dear old friends and see the training ground. Oh the grass is greener back in Gilwell, And I breathe again that Scouting air, While in memory, I see B.P. Who never will be far from there.

Gilwell:童軍發源地,在 Brownsea Island (白浪島) 上的 Gilwell Park (極偉園)

grass is greener on the other side of the fence (英文俚語)

- 總是覺得別人的處境好

- 鄰家的草分外青;這山望著那山高

B-P: Robert Baden-Powell 童軍創辦人 貝登堡

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