Scout Vesper

November 21, 2017


這首歌是營火結束時的歌曲,曲調溫和,緩慢。最常唱的第一段歌詞內容非常有深意,是要童軍們在營火旁自省,“是否有完成今日的工作,有沒有保持我的榮譽,我是否可以毫無罪惡感的入睡,我是否有盡全力挑戰和達到童軍銘言 “準備” ”。



Softly falls the light of day,
While our campfire fades away. 
Silently each scout should ask:
"Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honour bright? 
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared 
In everything to be prepared.?"




Listen Lord, oh listen Lord, 
As I whisper soft and low, 
Bless my Mom and bless my Dad, 
There is something they should know. 
I have kept my honor bright. 
The Oath and Law has been my guide.
Mom and Dad, this you should know, 
Deep in my heart I love you so.





露營遇到下雨似乎是全世界童軍的惡夢,所以這首歌也有被改變成和“雨” “淹水” 有關的爆笑版 :


Softly falls the rain today 今天的雨輕輕的下

As our campfire floats away 當我們的營火跟水一起沖走

Silently each guide should ask 我們悄悄的問自己
Did I bring my scuba mask? 有沒有帶潛水面具?
Have I tied my tent flap downs 我有沒有把外帳綁好
Learned to swim so I won't drown. 學游泳所以不會溺水
Have I done and will I try 我有沒有,也將會盡全力嘗試
All I can to keep me dry. 讓我自己保持乾燥!



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